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Kyra Shahrol started with a simple idea of producing hassle free hijabs.

We started with cotton-based material and by the time goes by, we experimenting with different materials. After more than 2 years we able to expand our hijabs to satin, chiffon and cotton materials and more to come in the future. Quality is above all, we only want the best product in line but with reasonable price tag.

As a brand, we feel it is our responsibility to produce sustainable products and packaging. All leftover material used is being transform into something reusable, it does not sit right to us knowing that we contribute to the environment pollution. We used to contemplate either to package our product in aesthetic yet abuse to the earth or plain boring packaging but environmental friendly. We tried to combine both idea of well-presented design that also sustainable, and after searching for the right design we decided to come out with a paper-based packaging that can be reuse and recycle by our customers. As the result of the packaging, our customers demand for providing a set as a gift and just by that we knew we did the right decision.

As the brand expanding and get more recognizable by the community, we strive for gratitude in all we do. With success and change, we work diligently to be better in every capacity. We ensure we listen to our community, and do our best to implement what our customers need and desires are.  

We are constantly working to bring the brand more recognizable by other nationwide and we hope one day our dreams will come through. We thank you for being a part of the wonderful journey of Kyra Shahrol.

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